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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Tidal Wave Kind of Love ...

Do you remember the moment you first saw your baby's face and held them in your arms?  All the waiting and anticipation and worry ... and then those first incredible moments when you look into their eyes for the very first time. 

With our daughters, I remember their scrunched-up little faces, already beautiful and so perfect, and the eyes that couldn't quite focus but they turned toward my familiar voice regardless. 

And then a rush of fierce love that overwhelms your heart and you know at that moment that life will never be the same, because this babe has become the absolute center of your world. 

I remember those first days at home ... crying as I held my baby daughter.  And my sister was so concerned.  "What's wrong," she kept asking and I could only reply .. "Nothing's wrong ... everything is right and I'm so overwhelmed."  What I meant was that my heart was overwhelmed with a love that was so deep and intense.  It was like a tidal wave and it spilled over with tears.

When our "baby" girls were 10 and 12 years old, we saw the faces of our sons for the very first time (two little boys in Ethiopia who were living in an orphanage, hoping for a family).  Again, an overwhelming tidal wave of love and protectiveness.  And then, months later, those surreal moments when we met them face to face for the first time.  I still get choked up when I remember that day, just over 2 years ago.

Today, I reminisce about those first glimpses .. because my college classmate and friend, Debb Marquez and her husband Jeff, looked upon the face of their precious baby boy for the first time on Thursday. 

He's 2 1/2 months old - he's perfect and beautiful and living in an oprhanage on the other side of the world - and he has a mommy and daddy that already love him. 

A tidal wave kind of love. 

Check out Debb's blog HERE

This weekend - I'm overwhelmed with happiness and thankfulness for them.

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