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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We've been thinking about buying a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) for awhile now, and we finally decided to get one in time for the long Memorial Day weekend.  The weather continued it's snobbery on Friday with on-again-off-again rain and wind ...

The rain didn't affect the kids, they fished regardless.  Wesley would fish 24/7 if he could!

... but Saturday morning dawned with calm water and sunshine - glorious sunshine.  The kids never came off the dock or off the water.  

Until dusk, they were either fishing or paddle-boarding or paddle-boating - and we had a great family weekend by the water.

The SUP is suprisingly easy to stand-up on - it's stable and even the littler kids can use it with ease.  As soon as one would come in to the dock, another would pick up the paddle and head out.  Sometimes they stand on it, sometimes they kneel, and sometimes they sit on it and enjoy being on the water.

Hello Loon! 

Here's one of the funnier photos from this weekend.  Emme took this picture right after she said, "Mom, I think that bird is watching me."  She was right.

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