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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I wondered if he was subconsciously trying to tell me something ... :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday, the sun was out and it felt like spring for the first time since .... last spring.

We spent the day by the lake, as a family.

Which is one of my favorite things to do, and favorite places to be.  So - for Mother's Day, that worked out very well for me. :)

The kids got me my favorite Mother's Day present - a big, flowering, hanging basket.  Which I promptly hung out front and we can expect a bird to make a nest in it ... just like they do every year.

I love the things kids bring home from school (for Mother's Day) when they are in about 2nd or 3rd grade.  I still have Maea's present hanging on my bulletin board.  The one where she spelled my name "Karne" (instead of Karen) and wrote that I like "runing".  (I definitely don't like running.:)  She drew a picture of me with big, black, bushy eyebrows and big, red, kissy lips.  Very creative and artistic!

This year, it was Jayden's turn (3rd grade). He drew a picture of me. Overall - a pretty close likeness for a 3rd grader - but he left off my mouth. I wondered if he was subconsciously trying to tell me something?!?!? :)


Kim said...

hehe too cute!!

Apryl said...

Happy Mothers Day!! That is too funny :)