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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Delayed Again ... Aug 8

Dear Friends and Family - Please continue praying for a successful court date so we can bring our sons home. We just received news from Duni that our court date has been delayed until Friday. Yes - it's true that the courts close on Thursday for 2 months, but evidently there is still some wrap-up work being done and so our case will be reviewed then. Such sad news today but we will continue to hope and pray for Friday. If we don't make it through on Friday, it seems as though we will be delayed until October. Here is the email we received a short time ago ... Your continued prayers are very appreciated!!!!

Dear Families,

Although the judge gave us an appointment for today she was not available. Another judge said she will look at your case on Friday. So back again on Friday. This will be the 7th time we are appearing before the judge for the same case. If they don’t approve your adoption on Friday then it will have to be October 8th.


Jori said...

OK ~ So we will just continue to hope and pray about friday and then start packing!! :):) Come on courts!

Carpenters said...

Ugh. When our court date was delayed a few days, it felt like forever. Hang in there. We'll keep praying!

With Love,