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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

News from afar ...

There are 4 AWAA families in Ethiopia right now bringing their children home! Moles, Cox, Ducommun and Moustos families (the Moustos do not have a blog). KP Moles posted a note on our chat group today saying that it is obvious that AWAA will continue giving referrals during the court closure. Currently there are 45 kids at the Transition Home. Once the families leave with their 4 kiddos - AWAA is making arrangements to pick up 9 more kids from the orphanage. That will be 50 kids at the TH! This is fantastic news because that means there are a lot more families who will be matched up with their children very soon! It also means that the TH home is overflowing with kids!!

Many of the kids in an orphanage do not have the paperwork needed to make them eligible for adoption (like a birth certificate or identity papers). Some children are abandoned and left without any type of identification. Our agency has initiated a fundraiser called "An Orphan's Ticket Home", designed specifically to fund the gathering and creation of identification papers so that a child can become eligible for adoption. Click here to read about it and take action by donating to this very worthy cause.

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