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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Precarious balance ...

One of our dear AWAA families recently received word that their 3 1/2 month old baby daughter in Ethiopia had been hospitalized with pneumonia and was not responding well to treatment. Yesterday, they found out that she did not make it through the night. Every adoptive family that has been touched by this news has been stunned and terribly saddened that this little girl passed away without ever knowing and feeling the love of her forever family. It is a sobering reminder that life is fragile ... but even more so for our children that are still living in Ethiopia, awaiting a court date that will unite them with their family. Nutrition, disease and basic medical care are much more of a daily concern - and even though our children are getting better care at the Transition Home - their lives are still in a precarious balance. Our entire AWAA family is wrapping this family in prayer.

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Jori said...

what a cute photo!
I am so praying with you for All the kiddos - at the TH and not. Praying for a MIRACLE October for everyone!
love, jori