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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Referrals rolling in ...!

Congratulations to the Witter, Forrest and Gamble families! Witters got a referral for a toddler girl, while Forrests and Gambles received referrals for 2 siblings each! With the recent news of about 50 kids in the Transition Home, more referrals are eagerly anticipated in the coming days and weeks! The referrals certainly seem to be picking up speed as our agency (AWAA) becomes more firmly established in Ethiopia. In a recent conference call with families, we learned that the lease is soon to expire at the current Transition Home and a larger home is being acquired. Lots of encouraging news!

There are 7 families currently waiting for their court date on October 8. Redfern, Wempe, Wistrom, Schmidt, VanWetten, Lusse, and Hutchinson families.

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