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Friday, August 29, 2008

Good News Friday!

Amazing news today as I checked email to discover 5 REFERRALS today! Congratulations to the Stager, Savage, Pridemore, Sloniger and Sparr families who will all be welcoming home baby boys soon - except for the Sparrs who will be welcoming home a 5 year old girl!! I think that makes 10 referrals during the month of August - with rumors of more referrals next week as final paperwork and medicals are received.

We have a birthday coming up in a few days (my 9 year old will be turning 10) and she has had her heart set on a gecko. We've done all the research, and although I have a soft spot in my heart for amphibians and reptiles (see previous pictures of turtles and tree frogs), I'm not terribly thrilled about a gecko. They need to feed on crickets (OK - that means having a bunch of crickets in the house - no thank you), feeding them daily after coating them with a calcium powder to keep the gecko healthy (c'mon seriously?!?). And if the crickets prove to be too evasive for the gecko, then it is suggested that you pull the legs off the crickets. OK - not so enjoyable for an animal lover.

So we began discussing alternatives. Stopped at a petstore to look further - and home we came with 2 adorable little dwarf siberian hamsters. Small and cuddly and they don't eat crickets!! Two hamsters - because our 11 year old needs something to cuddle too - right? Does this mean when we have 4 kids - we'll need to get 4 of everything? .... I must admit, the little hamsters are adorable and the girls have been making those sweet little oooooh and aaaaaw sounds ever since.

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Jori said...

That is so funny ~ I can totally relate to the animals!! We are getting 2 new puppies because ya know, every kids needs a puppy! Good thing it is before we get our girls home!! :):)
love, jori