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Thursday, October 16, 2008

AWAA families are celebrating!

Five AWAA families passed court today and the celebrations are in full swing! The following families will be travelling on November 1 to Ehiopia to bring their children home: Laughner, Britton, Hammond, Nunez, Terwilleger. Click on their name to link to their blog, and follow their incredible journeys to Ethiopia.

On Oct 25 (one week from now) the following families will be leaving for Ethiopia: Redfern, Wempe, Schmidt, Lusse, VanWetten. This is the travel group we would have been with if we would have passed court. VanWettens, who are in the same situation as us (with one child passing court, and the other not passing due to the paperwork change) will be travelling to bring their baby home (and return at a later date to bring their older daughter home). While they are there, they will try to appeal the courts with the orphanage director, to make an earlier favorable decision on their older child, as well as ours and Hutchinsons. We are praying for their success. This has been such a difficult journey lately. Being so happy for the families who passed court today, and saddened that we are still waiting. The wait is so hard - and has been so long.

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small world said...

We are beseeching God to give ALL our children mercy! This may be the most difficult journey of my life, but I know God will go with us. We will do what we can for all these children.