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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Court Date!

We received some wonderful news today from Duni and our focus and prayers have turned to Thursday with great anticipation and hope! Here is an excerpt from that email ...

Hello families,
The founder of Kids Care orphanage went to court today to appeal your case. The premise was that it is hard enough to find homes for older children and the court should cooperate with families who adopt them. A new court date has been set for this Thursday at 10:00 Am. I will let you know how that goes. May the Lord grant you and the children favor on Thursday. It has certainly been a long and hard journey. I thank God for your perseverance.

So dear friends and family and blog readers - please pray specifically for favor in the courts on Thursday morning in Ethiopia. Remember, they are 8 hours ahead of us so our court date will take place while we are sleeping at around 2 am Wednesday morning. We should hear news of the court day by mid-day on Thursday. And if we pass - we will be leaving for Ethiopia around November 15.

Also - One of the families in Ethiopia right now blogged specifically about several of the kids they met at the Transition Home. Here is an excerpt from Amy's blog ... Karen Wistrom & Family: I already could tell that your oldest boy was very sweet and kind, but Rachel then confirmed it and said he was the sweetest boy there. He came and hugged me and looked at pictures of himself on my camera before I even knew he was your son. When I found out, I couldn’t stop touching his face, smiling and hugging him, and telling him how much his family loves him. Your little guy is so cute too and it seems like they both love each other a lot. The little guy is quite busy though and always running around. I spoke to Fortuna and today (Tuesday) I will give them their packages and read the letter to them.

We are so anxious to have our sons home with us. The entire adoption journey has been extremely rewarding but these last few failed attempts at court (before the court closure and after) have been especially difficult. We are looking forward to Thursday - and hoping to be able to begin the final chapter of this journey!


Sherry said...

Karen - We are praying, praying, praying!! I laughed at the contrast between Amy's description of your son and mine! LOL! It's gonna be great fun getting these little ones home! - Sherry :)

Julie said...

That's wonderful news! I'll be praying for favor for Thursday.