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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In a few hours ...

The photo is supposed to represent tranquility and peace - which I am trying hard to hold on to right now as I glance at the clock - knowing that the courts in Ethiopia will be in session in a few hours (Ethiopia is 8 hours later, at midnight here, it is 8 am there). With a favorable ruling from the judge, two little boys in Ethiopia will become our sons. It is just that simple - and yet so very complicated. There are a lot of details to pull together and 7 AWAA families wait with baited breath and prayer tonight. A long wait for these families may be just about over - and then only the journey to Ethiopia awaits and meeting our children for the first time!

As I was reviewing the flight itinerary from our travel agent, I realized that although we would be departing Ethiopia on Oct 31 (Halloween), we would be arriving in Mpls on Saturday, Nov 1. I'm happy to have Halloween behind us - can you imagine arriving home just in time for the doorbell to start ringing, as costumed kids fill the doorway, and we hand out candy to the little ghouls, goblins, spidermans and princesses? Imagine trying to explain this to our 2 Ethiopian kiddos who don't speak English. What would their first impressions and memories be of their new home?


Susan said...

We are praying here!! I am a little numb and trying not to get anxious.

We'll have to try to miss Halloween too!

Love you! Susan

Kari said...

We are heartbroken that you did not pass court today. Please know how much we love you and your precious children. We are here for you...praying fervently!!! We are so sorry!!!
love you