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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane ...

Five AWAA families are leaving on Thursday or Friday for Ethiopia to bring their children home. This is the travel group we would have travelled with if we would have passed court on Oct 8.

There is a possibility for a court appeal next week - most likely Tuesday or Thursday. The VanWetten family (their baby passed court but their older daughter did not) will be travelling to Ethiopia to bring their baby home and will try to appeal the courts to pass their older daughter while they are in-country. The VanWetten's, along with the founder of Kid's Care Orphanage will be petitioning the courts to review the cases early so that our children are not made to wait any longer. All of the paperwork is complete - and we are only being delayed now because the courts have been too overloaded after the closure to review cases sooner. If the appeal is successful - we could travel as soon as November 15. Otherwise, our travel dates will likely fall right after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Amy Lusse, one of the families travelling this week, will be delivering a care package from us for our sons - and she will be reading a letter to D. (our 7 year old) so that he understands what has happened and that we WILL be coming soon. I'm so thankful to Amy for delivering this message from us! We will be blog-stalking regularly next week and praying for good news!

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