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Monday, October 6, 2008

Time feels like a freight train!

Time is rushing by like a freight train! When we were initially delayed for 2 months by the court closure, it felt like the next few months would just crawl by. Instead, there have been so many details to take care of and the next thing I know, our court date is barely 2 days away (Wednesday) and we will finally be able to book our travel right after that (travel dates of Oct 24 - Nov 1).

In the meantime, the boys' room is now ready (and its cozy and cute!), school conferences start tomorrow (I almost forgot) and we are still packing and trying to pin down our flight itinerary. Not to mention all the other details like notifying teachers, arranging for doggie daycare, prepping things at work to function while I am gone, and then I hear from Duni today that the Ethiopia consulate has not received our updated USCIS approval which changed our age range to 0-8 years old. So among all the other details, we are once again attempting to converse with USCIS!

We received news today that Duni, the gal that makes everything happen at our agency, will be leaving the U.S. next month to permanently reside in Ethiopia and handle all the details in country. Wow - the families here will miss her terribly but she will be able to accomplish so much more in Ethiopia!

We had a wonderful fall weekend with my family (parents, brother, sister and all the nieces and nephews) and enjoyed some great conversation, backyard football and the apple orchard!

With a successful court date on Wednesday, I will be able to post pictures for the first time ever on our blog of our 2 sweet little boys!

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Jori said...

Praying for you now and the next 24 hours to cover the miles and through the couts in ET!! Can't wait to see you little men! :):)
love, jori