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Monday, August 4, 2008

Court Date - August 6!

I was able to verify with Duni - our court date is August 6, Wednesday, one day before the courts close for 2 months!!  Please pray for the 4 families with court dates!
Today we also got an update and photos of our boys from Rachel at the Transition Home.  The boys are healthy and continue to ask about us multiple times a day.  Rachel said that our 7 year old carries around the family photo albums we sent them.  If we have a successful court date, I will finally be able to post pictures of our sons!  I'll keep everyone posted and hope to have wonderful news to share!  Then the frantic packing for a trip to Africa will begin in earnest!


Carpenters said...

We'll be praying! I can't wait to see his pictures.

With Love,

Jori said...

So excitted and waiting to hear ~ "see"!!! Praying for great news today! Let the packing begin!!!