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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Christmas Wish for Kids in Ethiopia

In 3 weeks, a team of 20 volunteers will leave home (in the USA) to work with the kids at Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory Care-Points in Ethiopia.
Over the past 3 years, we have seen tremendous growth as our original enrollment has grown and grown again!  Between Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory Care-Points, we are now serving nearly 375 kids!!!
At Kind Hearts, we started with 68 children from very destitute families who could not afford the basics of food, clean water, clothing, medical care and education.  Today Kind Hearts has 136 kids and we have just enrolled 60 more - 196 kids!! 
Nearly 200 kids that have come to rely on nutritious food every day, clean water that won't make them sick, caring adults who mentor and teach them (and demonstrate the love of their Heavenly Father in a tangible way) and sponsor families here in America who love them, provide for them and pray for them from afar.

I have relayed to you how Kind Hearts has 4 small classrooms that are literally overflowing with kids. And yet there are still hungry, destitute children who line up along the perimeter of the playground every day, waiting and hoping to be able to attend Kind Hearts.

Despite the lack of space, Kind Hearts has just enrolled 60 more children!! The staff has stepped out in faith, believing that the funds will soon be raised in order to build a new school so that these children are not packed into already over-filled classrooms.

At Trees of Glory, we started with 84 children from a rural, subsistence farming community that experiences seasonal drought and famine.  Our enrollment in this rural village community has grown each year and our current 136 students have just been joined by 40 more kids - 176 total!!
The exciting news at Trees of Glory is that the Care-Point has just opened a medical clinic with an on-site nurse that will serve the children at the Care-Point as well as the surrounding villages.  This has been a goal for quite some time, and one that the government has been insistent on having as soon as possible since there is no medical support in the area.
The Care-Point has hired a nurse, has a small room with a few beds and word is spreading among the villages that medical care is now available.  But they literally have NOTHING for medical supplies and equipment.  Our team of volunteers will be bringing medical supplies to initially stock the clinic but an ongoing medical/health fund is needed to keep the clinic functioning long-term

This Christmas, will you join me and the HopeChest team and "Change Their Story" by raising funds to build a new school at Kind Hearts or to fund the medical clinic at Trees of Glory?
HopeChest will provide you with a personalized donation webpage and the online tools to engage your friends, family and co-workers.
This year, Americans will spend billions on Christmas gifts and cards. Instead, what if some of us decided that we'd ask our friends and family to pool their resources to help orphans and children living in extreme poverty?  We have already seen the dramatic difference made for the kids attending Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory, but with your help, we can do so much more ... for so many more!

Please click on the link to let the team at HopeChest know that you are interested in raising funds to "Change Their Story"!  You can select the Kind Hearts school fund or the Trees of Glory medical fund.

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