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Saturday, October 6, 2012

We Will Wrap Each Child in a Hug from YOU!

For the last few weeks, every time I arrive home from work, this is what is stacked at my front door ...  me and the mail lady are on a first-name basis.  In fact, I saw her downtown a few days ago and she waved and yelled "Hi Karen!".

Last night, I was able to unpack everything that has arrived so far, and separate them by care-point.  We pack separate bags for the care-points so when we get to Ethiopia, we don't have to sort anything, we can just load the appropriate suitcases for each care-point.
This is one corner of my living room (the other corner is full of boxes of shoes and medical supplies).  This is about 150 packages, so we still have 150 yet to come!  Plus there are 66 new kids and a few volunteers are creating care-packages for them as well.

Is it a monumental undertaking?  Yes!  It feels that way - and yet I know how incredibly appreciated each package is to each child.  It's the one time each year where every child receives a tangible gift from their sponsor family.
As the packages arrive, I catch little glimpes of the carefully selected clothes and thoughtful items each family has selected.  Hand-written notes that say "I love you", "I pray for you" and "I think about you every day!"  These notes and the photos that go with them are TREASURED by each child!
To each Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory sponsor family - THANK YOU - for loving these kids and for demonstrating your love in such a tangible and thoughtful way, year after year. 
Your words and your prayers and encouragement are so, so appreciated by your child.  And in a few weeks, 20 volunteers will be in Ethiopia to bring your hugs and your love to each child.  We'll wrap each child in a hug from YOU as we read them your letter and show them your gifts.

And the next day - every child shows up at the care-point proudly sporting their new clothes and carrying your picture to show their friends.  "THIS is MY family!!!" they proudly tell us!

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