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Monday, October 29, 2012

Photo Shoot!

Last weekend, I had the special opportunity to photograph a local Ethiopian adoptive family.  While we were still waiting for court dates to bring our sons home, Tara and I connected as they were also early in the process of their adoption from Ethiopia.

For a short while, Allie and our son Wesley, were at the same daycare (what a crazy coincidence that two children from Ethiopia, end up together at the same daycare in Minnesota!)

The Rosh's are all settled and it was truly beautiful to see how their entire family (mom, dad, big sister and little sister) has bonded and adapted to their new addition!  Big sister Sophie is so well spoken and polite, and knew exactly how to engage her little sister so that I could get some great photos.

Allie kept looking back at me, wondering what I was doing...

Swinging was so much fun, Allie wasn't about to walk on her own two feet!

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