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Monday, October 15, 2012

Cute Chicks!

My sister, her husband and kids came up to spend a weekend with us and make our annual trek to the apple orchard and working farm before fall is over.  Our traditional family breakfast is pancakes, this time with chocolate chips.

I love our big table that fits all the kids ... and even 4 adults squeezed in too.

Favorite first stop at the farm - the chicks.

After feeding the chickens and goats, then we go look for the baby goats.

Wesley chased baby goats for about 20 minutes without catching one, but then it was time for the tractor ride.

Farmer Bob explained all the crops and the old equipment, and asked for volunteers to help him demonstrate.

Then the kids got to pick gourds and popcorn from the fields.

Wesley looking for popcorn.

Watching the animals do animal things.

The cows eat pumpkins and apples out of our hands.  I am curious what apple-fed beef tastes like?

Wesley finally caught a goat!

My dusty boots (and proof that I was there since I am always behind the camera.)

Last stop (and first stop), holding the chicks.  The kids noticed that the warmth of their hands made the chicks sleepy.

Bella's chick fell asleep in her hands (no - it's not dead, just sleeping.)

Jayden's chick fell asleep too.

Saying good-bye to cousins.

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