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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Double the Fun!

So ... Saturday night was the much anticipated Homecoming Dance and I for one am glad this week is behind us.  Not that I am a fun-hater, but how much fun and excitement can 2 teens handle (and be well rested - aka not grumpy - and get their homework done?) 

I LOVED taking photos of all the girls in their gorgeous dresses and seeing the culmination of all their planning!  It was FREEZING cold (44 degrees and breezy) but the girls toughed it out and smiled despite their goosebumps!

This year - both daughters are in high school so it was double the fun and double the busy-ness.  And we dashed from one house to another so I could take photos of both groups of friends!

 Wait - I got ahead of myself.  Let's go back to the beginning of the week ...

During homecoming week, every day is a designated dress up day.  It goes something like this ... Arrive home from work and 2 girls meet me at the door who "NEED to go to Target".  They love when I say, "No you don't, go to your closet and get creative!"  (Don't try this at home, it can cause teenage angst.)
My personal favorites were 80's day and Nerd day.  "Mom - can I go through your closet to look for mom jeans?  Can I go through your closet to look for dorky clothes?"  Why would they think I have mom jeans or dorky clothes????

Finally Saturday arrives ...

 The girls getting ready ...

 A few friends stop by to get ready or check on progress ...

 Did I mention is was 44 degrees.  Grit your teeth and bear it!

 It was cold (did I mention that?)

 Picking up a friend, wrapped in a blanket.

 Third try!  Those girls can jump!

 It was cold.  Shivering was getting out of control.

 Nice duck face.

 After an hour of photos, we dashed to another home to photograph Maea's group of friends ...


 One last check in the mirror ...

and off to the dance!

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Tobi Wright said...

Just Lovely! All of them. Our oldest boy went to all the school dances. 2nd born son isn't interested. Our daughters, will be in High School next year and I am looking forward to the photo shoots! Your girls dresses are darling on them!