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Monday, October 1, 2012

It Makes Such a Difference!

Our team of 20 volunteers is busily preparing for our trip to Ethiopia where we will be working with 350 orphaned and destitute kids attending Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory care-points.  One of the highlights of the trip, for the kids and for us, is when we give each child a care-package from their sponsor family.

Each child is matched with a family here in the USA who provides the monthly funding ($34) needed for them to attend the care-point.  Without sponsorship, these kids would be malnourished, drinking contaminated water, lacking medical care, and they would not be attending school.

Over the years, we have seen such a tranformation in these kids.  From shy, lethargic, malnourished children to healthy, rambunctious, energetic and confident kids!  They know their sponsor family through letters and correspondence throughout the year ... but getting a tangible gift and photos from their sponsor family is priceless! 

We sit with each child (along with a translator) to go through each photo, read the letter, and show them every item that was thoughtfully selected for them by their sponsor family.  For many of the kids, it's the first brand-new shirt they have ever had.  Last year, we were amazed to discover that the kids were most excited to get underwear! Many of the little kids dropped their pants (with nothing on underneath) so they could immediately put on underwear - such a luxury item for them!

These kids have come to know that they are loved and valued and precious to their sponsor family - and it makes such a difference!

The last few weeks, care-packages have been trickling in and this week there has been a flood of packages stacked at my door every day when I come home from work.  We will be bringing nearly 350 package this year to the 350 kids at our care-points!

We do have new children enrolling right now - if you are interested in sponsoring a child, email me at and I can match you with a child next week!

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