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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just Plain Fun!

Several weeks ago, I took pictures for the Homecoming dance and one particular photo became a topic of conversation.

Emme jumped on my computer and went searching for old photos and we found this picture from when the girls were little.  The same 4 girls, friends since 3rd grade.

That photo got passed around among the girls, posted on facebook, and lots of fun memories were shared and remembered.  Emme asked them over this weekend for a photo shoot day. 

(Hmmmm - suddenly it's ok to have a mom that can wield a camera.)

There were lots of laughs and giggles and just plain goofiness.

There were also a few tumbles but we were able to finish relatively unscathed, and only one pair of jeans was ruined in the making of these photos. 

(And they were my jeans.  Leaves are slippery and the hills were steep.  The girls accidently slid down the hill a few times, and then I went into an unexpected slide, landed on my butt and continued sliding, ending up with a pocket nearly ripped off.)

The shoot had to pause only for a moment, to free Emme's sweater from her braces.

Did I mention the silliness?