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Monday, July 28, 2008

An Ember of Hope!

I can hardly believe it's true - but there is still an ember of hope glowing brightly and about to burst into flames! Earlier today, I received a phone call at work and glanced at the caller-id. The 703 area code signalled that it was a call from our adoption agency. I answered, welcomed Duni home and thanked her profusely for her hard work and perserverence - she then explained that she had "good news and bad news". (The bad news ...) She did appear in court on Friday and was again declined for a new court date.

(The good news ...) However, the judge inquired about medical issues for any of the kids, and she was able to present 4 families with doctors' notes in their case files. (These were for mild medical issues in the past.) The judge then asked her to acquire the needed recommendation letters from MOWA (Ministry of Womens Affairs) and then he would approve the adoptions.

Essentially - this is exactly what happens at a court date. MOWA reviews the paperwork and then issues a recommendation. At the court date, the judge reviews the information and then approves the adoption. Duni has secured a committment from MOWA and expects the judge to approve the paperwork tomorrow. She said it is likely that we will travel one week after the next travel group!!! (That's sometime in late August!!!!!!!!!!!)

Amazing news and we are waiting hopefully and prayerfully for Duni's phone call tomorrow. As I write this post - it is 5 am in Ethiopia and a new day is dawning!

Also - we sent care packages and photo albums to our boys with the Ducommun family, who will be arriving in Ethiopia with the next travel group on August 8. Hopefully we will arrive shortly after to bring our sons home!


Susan said...

AHHH!! We are so excited with you all! What a shocker to get that call from Duni today!

Praying in NC, Susan

Jori said...

Put the 6th on my calendar and praying still with you!! Come on ~ so excitted for you and to see you go get your kiddos!!