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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Encouraging News!

I think pictures make a blog more interesting. And since I can't post pictures of our sons until after a successful court date, I am dipping into the photo archives for favorite family memories.

Recent happenings: Emme played soccer like a "tiger" on Monday night to help her team to a win, Maea scored a goal to help her team to victory on Tuesday night, and we caught our 3rd teeny tiny turtle which means the turtle tank is officially back up and running.

The encouranging news? I spoke to Duni today, our adoption agency family coordinator (who is originally from Ethiopia) and she indicated that securing court dates for ALL of the waiting families with referrals is her priority. She is flying to Ethiopia on Friday to personally coordinate paperwork and be the face-to-face contact with MOWA (Ministry of Women's & Children's Affairs) and the courts. She has had direct communication with an official at MOWA who has emphasized their cooperation in securing court dates before the courts close. This certainly is no guarantee of success - but it is definitely encouraging news! Duni has an intense passion and drive to unite orphan children with loving families and whenever we have a conversation, she is unflagging in her optimism! I so appreciate having someone of her caliber working hard for us!

For the families that are currently in ET - The Raymers and Ords had successful embassy appointments today and everything is in place for their return to the U.S. The Gibson family continues to wait for news of the court proceedings from earlier today. Please continue to pray for the Gibsons and for Duni as she travels to ET to secure court dates for waiting families!! If we can secure a court date in late July, we would most likely be travelling to Ethiopia in late August to bring our sons home!


Karen said...

I'm so glad to hear this great news from Duni... praying for court dates for you guys!
*karen bowman

kim said...


This is wonderful news to hear. Praying that Duni can make things happen for all of you that are waiting!!!

Kim (YG)