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Monday, July 7, 2008

Families in Ethiopia

There are 3 families in Ethiopia right now and today was "Gotcha Day"! Gotcha Day is the first day families meet their children. Typically, they spend a few hours at the Transition Home to meet their children and get acquainted. It must be an absolutely surreal experience. Meeting these little strangers that will soon become your most familiar family.

The Gibson family met their 4 month old daughter. The Ord family met their 2 year old son. And the Raymer family met their 2 sons - ages 5 & 7. Our entire chat group has been stalking their blogs and emails all day in great anticipation of hearing the highlights and seeing pictures from this very important first day. You can view the Gibson's blog here and the Raymer's blog here. The Ords do not have a blog.

We are still waiting and praying to be granted a court date before the courts close in August for 2 months. Please continue to pray for a court date in JULY for us and 8 other AWAA families with referrals!

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Jori said...

Praying for court passing before the closure ~ go get those kiddos!! :):)
DTE 02/19 either x2