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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still Waiting ...

We are still waiting for final news on a possible court date before the courts close from Aug 7 - October 7. We received an email from Duni today saying she did in fact appear in court on Tuesday and was given a court date of October 8 for us. (This is one day after the courts re-open.) She appealed for an earlier date on Wednesday and was declined. She appeared in court today, and was again declined. She is planning to appeal a 3rd and final time on Friday. Please pray for a miracle change-of-heart for the judge and safe travel for Duni as she returns home to her family.

I am amazed at Duni's perserverence. We are truly blessed to have her working so hard on our behalf. Regardless of the outcome, I am able to rest easier knowing that she did everything possible for us.

We also received news that 3 families who had a scheduled court date for today - PASSED!! Congratulations to the Cox, Moles and Ducommun families who will be travelling to Ethiopia in early August to bring their kids home. Waiting families will be sending packages with them to be hand-delivered to our kids at the Transition Home.

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