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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The 3 AWAA families with a court date scheduled for today, were re-scheduled for July 24. Evidently, some of the paperwork needed from MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) did not arrive on time. So these families continue to wait on pins & needles as the court closure inches closer. For us and the other waiting families, it feels like our window for a court date has squeaked a little bit tighter. But with Duni in Ethiopia right now, petitioning the courts for a date before the closure, I am still hopeful. We would like to bring our sons home sooner than later. But whatever happens, we will wait patiently for the plan to unfold.

We just received an email from the Gibson family. Despite the errors on their court paperwork, the AWAA team was able to get things corrected and the Gibsons are flying home and scheduled to arrive in Branson, MO at 8:00 tonight. I imagine there will be a big celebration at the Gibson household!! We look forward to hearing more about their trip. The Gibsons delivered "care packages" to our sons from us.

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Renee' said...

Just realized you guys had a blog when I saw it at the end of your post on the YG group! I like the pics. It is so much easier to remember people when you have a face to go with the name!