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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waiting for News from a Distant Land

As I write this post, it is nearing 7:30 am in Ethiopia and Duni will be appearing in court to appeal court dates for families that have had referrals since late May and early June. Today, families were issued court dates for when the courts re-open in October. Duni is appealing that decision on Wednesday and we pray she will find the right words so that the judge finds favor with her request.

Several families with later referral dates were told today that the courts were overflowing as the court closure nears and that it is not possible to get a date before the closure. It sounds like she is making a final appeal for families that have been waiting the longest. We should hear something from her by late Wednesday or early Thursday. Until then .... we wait .... and hope .... and pray.

Pictured above - a few favorite photos from our weekend on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The kids spent hours searching for agates in the cold waters and found MANY "keepers". The rock polisher will be working overtime the rest of the summer.

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