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Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking for a Miracle

We just spent a long weekend on the north shore of Lake Superior. A fantastic weekend in a truly grand location. I have tons of pictures to share but my camera battery is still charging for the download and I have urgent news to share on the adoption front.

Today I received an email from Duni, our adoption agency Representative, who is diligently working on our behalf in Ethiopia trying to secure a court date before the court closure on August 7. Initially, she was optimistic and confident that she would be successful in securing dates for families with referrals. But it looks like we may have missed that tiny window of opportunity by a day or two. Here is Duni's email to the 10-12 waiting families - she is requesting specific and urgent prayers.

Dear Families
I thought I would update you on what is going on as I know you are all anxious and also, after knowing the situation that you may pray specifically. As you know nothing happens the way or on the day you plan it here [in Ethiopia]. I was hoping I would have some solid information for you by today but nevertheless there is some progress. I will be appearing before the judge tomorrow to hear when your court date will be. They are no longer issuing dates for before the closure. I am 99% positive that I will get a date for sometime in October. My plan is to go back to court on Wednesday and appeal. Your children don’t have anything life threatening so I don’t have a major excuse to appeal nor is there any reason for the judge to grant it. I am going to try anyway. I am asking all of you to pray for God’s favor and for the judge to show us some kindness. You shall hear from me, whatever the outcome, by Thursday morning. ~Duni

No matter the outcome, we will set our minds to be at peace with the situation, knowing that Duni has done everything possible for us. I cannot share specific details about our sons or pictures until we have a successful court date. If our court date ends up being in October, it will most likely be November before we can travel to ET to bring them home. I am saddened to know that our oldest son was brought to the orphanage in October of 2007 and that he may not be home yet in October 2008 - with his family here who is waiting to love and protect him. He knows about us and he knows we will be bringing him home as soon as we possibly can. I pray it is sooner than later. I'll post again as soon as we have news.

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