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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good News from a Distant Land

We just received word from one of the travelling families that they are home and all is well. Sarah Ord (who adopted a 2 year old boy) just posted an email to our adoption chat group to let us all know that they have arrived safely and to give us a brief update. Here is a small excerpt from her email...

"My sweet boy just fell asleep on me as I am sitting here - he has bonded to us so well -what an answer to prayer. He doesn't ever want me to put him down -my back is breaking but I am blissfully happy. We did not have a picture perfect plane ride - Elijah threw several temper tantrums made worse when I tried to pick him up, fought sleep ( successfully) and then things went downhill as they do with very tired 2 year olds - needless to say, we are so thankful to be done with planes! As soon as he fell asleep - the last 3 hours - he woke up to be a happy boy the rest of the day. He has a sweet and funny personality. He jabbers constantly and has the cutest poochy lips I have ever seen inmy life. We feel so blessed and can't believe for a minute that we only met him 5 days ago - he is a perfect fit and I feel like he's been our boy forever."

"In short, Ethiopia was indescribable. We experienced so much in so short a time. I know we haven't even begun to process it all. ... I know this sounds redundant, but the love these kids have in their lives is incredible. It starts at Kids Care [the orphanage], to the TH [Transition Home] and all the staff in between that comes in contact with them. Rachel, Fortuna [the nurse] - they both bend over backwards to help in any way."

I was so thankful to hear from Sarah on the chat group - and then shortly after, I received an email from her with PICTURES of our boys! Unbelievably thoughtful of her - as I am sure she is exhausted and yet she is downloading pictures for waiting families. What a treasure!!!

Normally, waiting families would have received a few pictures and an update from Rachel on Friday, but because she has been so busy with the travelling families in ET this week, we won't receive our 2 week update until next week. And then, I get this wonderful email from Sarah with GORGEOUS pictures of our 2 sons.

I wish I could share - but again, we are not able to post pictures until after a successful court date. But trust me - they are adorable with the biggest, dreamiest eyes and sweetest smiles. I cannot wait to have them home with us! Thank you Sarah!!! Now we hope for good news from the Raymers who should be arriving home, and the Gibsons, who are still in ET dealing with some worrisome issues. I'll post again when we receive news.

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